We only want a reliable auto transport if we move

Talking about auto transporting reminds me of when we moved to Michigan from California. We were not able to bring our vehicle with us due to some complicated situation that we were in; having a small child and my inability to manage being new to the country. I would get lost or miss my flight anyway. We were not able to ship our vehicle over to Michigan because my husband didn't really find any auto transport company that was reasonable enough for him to afford and can be trusted. But surely it would have been a great help to us so my husband didn't have to go back to California just to bring our vehicle over to Michigan. If we ever have to move in the future, we would not want to go through such hassle again. I would look online and see about the free auto transport quotes like I saw on the site I was just visiting that offers a reliable auto transport and even free moving tips for a pleasant moving experience. So the next time we need to move, I would suggest that my husband should look in to getting a moving company help us move as well as taking care of our vehicles.

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Anonymous said...

Ana, there is several websites for getting quotes for auto shipping and a lot of them are lead generators that sells the leads to auto transport brokers and/ or carriers. There’s this one called CarrierRates that give you the option to receive direct carrier rates or receive assistance from auto transport brokers. A lot of auto transporters that provide service to individuals rely on brokers to handle booking the moves while they concentrate on the actual car hauling. Furthermore, a lot of the POV (Personally owned vehicle) car carriers are independent owner operators and have themselves setup with mobile internet access and bid on the moves direct. CarrierRates allows you to select either method, when you have a moment take a peek at

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