A don't cry over spilled milk incident

I went shopping today and bought a few things; clothes and kitchen ware. When we got home, I had my husband bring in what I bought as he usually does. I can only carry the baby inside sometimes. So anyway, my husband brought in a couple of plastic bags with all the stuff I bought, but then without realizing what was inside, he just dropped them on the floor and our floor just happened to be hardwood. He carried them inside the house and threw them on the floor as if they were all clothes, and well, a big plastic bowl container broke. He thought they were just all clothes, but that turned out to be a mistake. That is why people should never assume and, should always approach things with caution and hear the story before saying anything. Oh, I tell you, it shocked me when I heard it broke right in my face, it shocked my husband, too, of course, and I am absolutely disappointed by the fact that I admired such plastic bowl container I bought, then it just got broken. It wasn't expensive but it was the only one left-one of a kind or unique, and it made me feel bad to see it broken and go to waste. However, people say "don't cry over spilled milk", so I guess, I will get over it. I just have to be more careful with letting somebody else take care of my things for me. That did it, I learned my lesson. No more letting a man do a woman's job...LOL. Okay, I need to get dinner going now. We ate earlier, and I think we will just have hot dogs tonight.

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