I am becoming an early bird

No, not literally a bird, but an early riser I mean...LOL. I didn't go to bed early, but I am rising early for I am feeling hyper. It must be the spring fever. The fresh atmosphere calling out for me to enjoy the day and start exercising my belly bulge away so I can wear my swimsuit this summer...LOL. I still have my tiny belly fat resulting from having a baby almost a couple of years ago, but since all I have been doing is sitting around, it didn't exactly shrink back to normal. I need to exercise it away and get my shape back, and so I won't be so embarrass when I wear some skimpy outfits. We all know that when it is spring and summer, we dress to impress. But really it is the time to be able to wear something more convenient. We plan to explore the beach this summer, and I guess we will be going to the park more often with our children especially if I have a laptop. As for eating right and exercising regularly, I actually found a website where someone talks about getting in shape and quit lazing around to lose the belly fat. There is nothing to be mad about, we just need to have patience and determination to change the way we live and be healthy. How nice that someone took the time to inspire and encourage people to be fit, I like that.

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