My first ever digital-scrapbooking kit for free downloads

I want to let all those digital scrapbookers know that I have my first ever digital scrapbooking kit for free downloads at my other blog now. I decided not to keep a personal blog anymore, because everybody is too busy to visit me with making molah. I am too busy, too, so there is no time for me to maintain it. I might as well make some molah on it. After all, all my blogs are still my personal blogs. So, peeps, if you find my digital scrapbooking useful, you may help yourself with downloading it. It is a matter of creativity and how you can put all your pictures together anyway. Now see if you like my kit at the "Memoirs of a Filipina" blog of mine. Well, I am giving my creations for free anyway. Perhaps, I will do that every month if I can manage with having some time to create some digital scrapbooking goodies. You can see the example the kit below, but you have to go to my other blog to be able to download it if you like it.

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