Going back home to get killed like my uncle and Ninoy Aquino

My husband and I have been discussing about how it all went down with my uncle that he was murdered while back home. Ninoy Aquino-one of the presidential candidate was also killed when he decided to go back home. Now the same thing could very well happen to me if I go back home even just for a short visit, because it is getting very dangerous there in the Philippines. People are going out of hand hence there is no death sentence, people are not afraid to commit a crime. The country can go broke feeding those criminals according to some people that thinks they don't deserve to live for the heinous crimes they committed. Punishment should always fit the crime really, but not so with others and it is not always fair game to the victim because there are those who only serve very little time. The victims will never be able to walk the earth again, and the families they left behind are all emotionally distraught-forever in grief. Anyway, going back to my initial topic here, that I could get killed just by going back home for a visit, especially when I have changed so much as to having a more lighter skin, look more like I am from other Asian race with money than from my own race being a Filipina. See, when I walked the street when I was at home having a lighter skin people already thought I was Chinese, Japanese, etc, and just for looking like I am, their initial thought is that I have money. Chinese people are especially well-known to have money in my homeland simply because they own a lot of huge businesses and buildings that speaks wealth. So goodness, Chinese people there is getting kidnapped for ransom every so often, one of which was a woman and she was killed because she resisted. However, with my situation being a Filipina with a poor family, I would just be dead if I ever get kidnap. The kidnappers find out I am not what they thought I am with the money they thought I have, well, they would just get rid of me, dead-dump me somewhere because they would not want to let me go and become a witnessed then have them thrown in jail. Oh, that would more likely be my fate. That scares me, so I have to be very careful if I do visit my homeland someday.

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