Vanessa Anne Hudgens is part Filipina

I was surprised to learn that Vanessa Anne Hudgens is part Filipina-given by her mother. Wow, no wonder she is a beauty. I mean, she is gorgeous. She's got a beautiful face all the way around. I never knew that about her being half Filipina, her mother is Filipina. However, she has a mixed of Filipina and Latina-through her mother, Irish, and American Indian-through her father. I can see it in her face that she's got those mixed ethnicity. Anyway, it makes me wonder if our daughter Tiana would look a little like her...LOL. Tiana is blessed with beautiful thick dark brown hair, nice eyebrows, beautiful lips and eyes, and her nose is getting prominent which will make her really stunning when she hits teenage years. But, of course, so as our little one Hannah who is also a cutie pie, so it is something to look forward to for me to see my children grow up and blossom into beautiful girls. I think the Western influence really helps, only one would be lucky if taller than 5' 2" since most people in the Philippines are so tiny and short-yes, because I am one...LOL. Anyway, it is fascinating to know a little about the famous people. I thought all along that Vanessa Hudgens is half Latina, but she is part Filipina. She also became famous when opportuity knocked at her door to fill in for a friend in a commercial show. Now speaking of having Filipino blood, well, Philippine people are mixed of different culture and ethnicity like Spanish and Asian. According to my father, my grandmother was Chinese, may have been other Asian, too, since there is no way to tell, other than if you have small no fold eyes you are Chinese as for the local people...LOL. I was labeled a Chinese girl for having my eyes, so that says it. So I have Asian blood as well as Spanish contributed by both of my parents. Okay, this is a wrap for now. Enjoy Vanessa's pics that I grabbed online.

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