My favorite breakfast sandwich so far

Here is a yummy breakfast, a maple sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. I guess since I have two in the picture, I should say breakfast sandwiches. Well, anyway, my husband saw them on sale and so he bought some to try them, and my, they are good! I like them a lot especially when the croissants are so soft and fluffy. So I would just eat one or two of those breakfast sandwiches every once in a while with a cup of cappuccino. My husband has those sweet muffins, rolls, and those breakfast sandwiches, and so I just help myself. I also eat doughnut holes sometimes with my cappuccino. They are good, too. Anyway, let me share a picture I took of my usual breakfast. They are my favorite so far, as I don't really care too much for those sweet breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles etc. So I go for the mild to eat foods for breakfast.

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