When Tiana gets sick we all get sick

It is awful because when Tiana our school age daughter gets sick, we all get sick, I mean just us girls; Tiana, Hannah, and me. Tiana got sick with a cold, and now we are under the weather, too. I am having a stuffy nose and not feeling too well. Our baby is wheezing with a cold. Anyway, I was going to lay down more and get some sleep but our baby is wide awake now, so I can't sleep. I had to get up, and I still have to feed her. I haven't eaten anything yet and it is noon. So I need to fix a cup of cappuccino. I need to stay awake and energetic, so it will help me get through the day, and hopefully tonight I can get all my house chores done and get to bed early enough to recuperate. Alright, got to go for now. Happy Spring!!!

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