The 4 Seasoned Life of my sister Nemia

Hi, everyone! Here let me share about my sister who recently joined us in the blogosphere. I helped her get a blog and finally be able to earn real molah soon. So how nice, at least that will come as another helping hand to our family back home. Anyway, as like I have said before that I am not as religious as the rest of my family-maybe not anymore. My sister's site has lots of her religious thoughts and praises, etcetera. If you find it uplifting to read religious blog, surely her blog is all about that. Her English is not as well spoken as those with others who are highly educated who went to a much advance school, but she is trying her best. She also hasn't learned a lot like we have that are used to writing and speaking English now. So, yep, that goes to show us that we can never compare our abilities to those who are just starting out. Okay by visiting her blog at "Nemia's Chronicles of Life", it will at least inspire her and encourage her more to be better and stronger with making it in the blog world. I tell my siblings that as long as they treat me with respect and treat me right, I am always here for them willing to give them a hand; guide them and point then in the right direction. We can't possibly disrespect and abuse our siblings that have done nothing but helped us, right? We don't get along and have disagreements at times, but none of them has reached my boiling point yet...LOL. So, I am still here...LOL.

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