Happy 14th birthday to my youngest sister

I wish a happy birthday to my youngest sister Rosalie. Oh, I almost forgot that she just had her 14th birthday yesterday, but here in America we are celebrating a day behind. So, happy birthday to her...I wish her the best in everything she does as a young girl. It is fun to be a teenager and I hope nothing bad will happen to her. I wish her a continued good health and long life. I hope she can read this post. I am proud of her. She is very smart. In fact, she received awards in school and speaking of grades, she did very well. By the way, she is very pretty and I miss her so much. She accompanied me when I was staying at the Bethel Guest House back in Dumaguete city and so as our aunt who was with me almost the whole time as well. My mother, sister Gemma, and Nemia came to stay with me whenever they had a chance, too. My sister Nora for some reason never did-that was strange. Anyway, my little sister was really fun to have around for sure and I can still remember her combing my hair...LOL. She surely enjoyed it there when she was just a little girl-at the age of 4 years old. Oh, it's too bad she grew up without me ever seeing her in person again. She is a sweetheart. Okay, this is all. I just wanted to extend my warm birthday greetings to my sistah and want to let her know that she is loved a lot more than she will ever know.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wala ko sato naka upod sa imo sa Dumaguete sa Bethel ky wala man ko nimo paupda didto. Daw c Bebe lang man to imo gusto e upod. You never say man nga pakadtuon ko sa dumaguete. Para mag upod sa imo, namian ko mag upod sa imo sa bethel sa imo sa una. Pero sang naghangyo ko sa ila ni Mama nga maupod ko sa ila sa Dumaguete siling nila di lang ky dako plete. Ug c bebe lang og c Gingging ky gamay pleyte. Din maayo nalang ky nag apil ko satong test2x sa dumaguete upod sa akon mga classmate kag miga. Ug amo lang to kaisa ko naka kadto o lapak sa bethel. Kon wala ko nag apil test wala gid cguro naka lapak sa bethel nga gina istaran mo sa una.

Ana P. S. said...

Yon lang pala ang reason why you didn't get to come and stay with me eh. I didn't even know, kaya I thought that was strange. If I knew na all you need was money to be able to come to the city, ay di I would have had you covered, saka I expected na din na you can kasi I gave our parents the budget for everything na. So, wow, it's too bad I didn't know, and it never occured to me kasi akala ko lang ang maka upod ang may time and available at the time, but then it was a matter of who's who is cheaper to ride the bus...LOL. Money was no object naman sana, it depended on our parents decision pala eh. Someone should have told me, because then I could have turn it around. I was too young to think of everything din eh.

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