April the 13th is my older brother's birthday

Today is the 13th; it is the day my older brother Rob was born. It is his birthday here today, but it was his birthday back home, yesterday. It is amazing how the time zone works, it is night time in my homeland now, but it is day time here in the U.S. now. I was amazed when I found it out as I never knew that before. I think it is neat. The other part of the world is almost a day ahead of us here. Anyway, it was my brother's birthday yesterday and since he lives too far away, I could only give him a call and greet him a happy birthday, good health, etc. I used to send some money but I do that only when I can and have extra money. I wish my brother to join us online, so he can make some money, too. Just what a waste it would be if he couldn't, he really should take advantage of the time. After all what's to worry about when I am here who can give them a hand, guide them, and all. So all they basically have to worry about is learning and writing in English. If my younger sister Nora can do it, then hopefully both of my brothers will follow.

Kit by: Verena Karolyi

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