It's raining hard this morning

We had a heavy rain this morning, just when we were sending Tiana to school. A good thing, it rained before we sent her out. I am glad it rained today, because then I can go out later and start working on my flower garden. Not exactly a garden because I only have the areas around our house to work on really. I still need to pull all the dead plants, flowers, and weeds out then start preparing the soil for all the seeds I have to sprinkle. I don't know how to do it yet, maybe I need a potting soil to get all my seeds to grow first then transplant them. Anyway, I still have not gotten over my cold, perhaps this is an allergy since it's been a while that I have it. Goodness, it is annoying me, my nose is starting to get raw from wiping it off too many times and for too long now. So it makes me wonder if I have an allergy. My nose itches and it makes the nerves close to my nose and mouth itch, too, like my nose is connected to my mouth and ears-I had to use ear buds to itch my ears...LOL, I itch and then sneeze quite often. Oh, when is this cold going to lit up on me, go away?

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