Buying clothes for school is so costly

I find it a hassle to have to keep buying clothes every so often for school. It cost a lot of money, and that is where I mostly spend my money on. I like the idea of going to school wearing different clothes and be able to show off your fashion sense of style, but goodness, it takes money to do it. How I wish that the children in public schools wear uniforms on most school days, as are not so fortunate in that department...LOL. If only they can, just lucky for those who have the money with good paying jobs, because they can afford it. We live on a fixed income, and when we do make extra money, we try to buy food with it. I cover for the children as my share of the responsibilities in our household, but boy, it hurts me sometimes, because I can't save any money. I have plans to save money for a bounty because I really want to help my uncle who was brutally murdered, and the only way for us to see those who took his life behind bars is by putting out a reward. Now I am actually more alone in that area, so it might take me who knows how long to come up with more money for a bounty, hopefully enough to get those people moving and find those men. If only they work efficiently, those men would have been sentenced already, but unfortunately not like we expect justice should be. It may not make any difference because they have gotten away for too long now. The injustice just makes people lose hope, and yeah, I should not have to do what I am doing saving up for a reward money-my set amount is not proving to enough so I need more. How ridiculous, I tell you. Anyway, I have goals to fulfill and I wished for many things but I can only make them happen one at time. First thing first as what my husband reminded me, when I was talking about saving up for a car, laptop, etc...LOL. Okay, this is enough ranting for now. See yah!

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