Chest pain can be due to stress

I was lifting our queen bed today because I decided to replace our bedding. It's spring now, so I put new bedding for a spring look. Well, anyway, I always do it all on my own, since I do things out of the blue sometimes, and most of the time, I just don't bother asking my husband to help me out with things that I think I can handle. A little later after I finished, I was feeling some chest pain, and to me it is worrisome because it could be dangerous. However, I have had such chest pain even when I was a little girl-at our daughter's age right now. In fact, our daughter has it, too. She has had experienced chest pain and she even cried due to the electrifying pain. I think so, because when it strikes, you have to hold your breath, and if you breathe, then it would hurt so bad that it would make you stop breathing anyway-I mean it would make you hold your breath so the pain will subside. It is like a lighting pain, it goes away. Oh, it is strange though, and I don't know what kind of pain it is, and what is causing it, etc. Could it be from stress related symptoms? I just hope it is not about getting an eventual heart attack. We don't want that. I read online that with some people it is usually related to coronary artery disease-Angina. So, I just hope it is not as serious as some of people think it is. The Doctors are saying it is nothing to worry about as it could just be nerve pain; there are things that cause it like if we have anxiety, if we are stressed, and/or if we are overworked-aggravated all the time.

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