Bring the troops home he means

We are watching the news channel and listening to the speech and explanations of the politicians in charged. A man in the audience later shouted "Bring them home! Bring them home!" He must have a loved one currently stationed in the Middle East. Oh, that is sad, and we can all only hope that the troops will finally come home someday. My husband's son is so worried about his son joining the military now, he is so young and who knows what can happen to him. He better knows how to avoid those flying bullets; otherwise he won't be coming home. It is dangerous to be in the war zone, you only not have your life at risk but you also witness a lot of deaths. See, my husband had loved ones and friends that suffered from mental illness when they came home from the military being stationed in war torn countries. They witnessed lots of brutalities right beside and in front of them that they were not able to control themselves from being emotionally distraught and, of course, eventually they developed a mental problem like talking to themselves, yeah, seriously. They are never the same when they came back home. That is the problem with some families, because their sons or daughters are mentally ill, injured, or dead by the time they get home. I guess war can do that much damage to people mentally and with most cases; physically disabled if lucky enough not to be killed. Those that are okay, I guess we can say they are stronger mentally; being emotionally stable enough to be able to withstand or handle what they had to deal with and came out of it alive and well. It is sad that people constantly have to fight and kill each other over something. What a waste!

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