Do we really live in a Godly world?

It saddens people in general that a life had to be lost for some selfish reason. Why must someone die? If walking away is possible, then why not do so, for goodness sake. That is why some people wonder if there really is God? We question when things don't work according to the book-the supposedly word of God. What happened to the people that God bestowed powers to like Moses being able to separate the red sea, etc? How come the world only had miracles once? Do we really live in a Godly world? Nobody can answer that though, as we can only all go as far as wondering. Perhaps when we are dead, we are just dead-back to non-existent. That is why life is precious, live it to the fullest if you can and as much as possible for you can be here today gone tomorrow. Life is precious, so live, love, and enjoy it!

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