There must be a stomach virus going around

Lately, I have only been able to blog during the evening because we are out most of the day. Yesterday, we took Hannah to the Pediatrician for her well visit. We were going to have the Doctor look at Tiana, too, because she is vomiting. Tiana was absent from school yesterday, and we thought she could go back to school the next day, but she wasn't able to sleep until 12:30 AM last night, and vomited again this morning, so my husband called her Doctor to see her early today. She went to the Doctor but the Doctor didn't give her any medicine, she just needs plenty of rest. She had to absent again today. This vomiting problem is a headache, Tiana just had it some time ago, and we; our baby and I also caught it, and oh, that was awful. I hope we won't catch it again. Tiana must be catching such stomach virus or flue from her classmates because she came home some days ago saying one of her classmates was absent due to being sick. Anyway, I am feeling a little groggy, I feel like falling asleep. So I need to get going with my online activities and get some rest myself.

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