The Knocked Up movie with Katherine Heigl

We saw the Knocked Up movie some time ago, and I tell you, the script involved a lot of "F" words. Almost everyone in the movie speaks with the "F" words every so often. So, that didn't go so well, it is somewhat funny, a romantic comedy movie, but because of the dirty words, it got a little annoying, and definitely not for kids because of the graphic nature-uncensored scenes...LOL. Anyway, the leading lady is the beautiful Katherine Hiegel. I like her and you know she is one of the actresses of today that I find stunningly gorgeous. Imagine she has what people call "perfect body measurement" of 36-26-36. She definitely has it all; she is tall and beautiful. I almost got her mixed up with Helen Hunt. Okay, that is all, I just thought it is interesting to share about the celebs I admire and know about so far.

Katherine Heigl picture 13

Katherine Heigl celebrity profile

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