The stunning Sofia Vergara

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Every once in a while, I like to share a little about who my favorite celebs are. Well, this time I picked Sofia Vergara. The first time I saw her on TV, I thought, wow, she sure is blessed with a beautiful figure and face. She is it, a girl that has it all. Don't I wish I have her kind of beauty, I think has a beautiful body, very curvy, and sexy. She is tall, too. She is from Colombia, just like Christina Aguilera. Anyway, it was interesting when I saw her being punk. She panicked for a while, so that was funny, and I couldn't help to admire her beauty. Oh, isn't she gorgeous? She is very attractive. I like her eyes and eyebrows. By the way, I am not gay or lesbian just because I like beautiful women...LOL, I just admire their rare and unusual beauty, that is all. Lucky them.
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Sofia Vergara celebrity profile

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