We attended a birthday party at Jeepers

We just came home from attending a birthday party. It was a simple celebration but we all had a great time. We went to Jeepers and enjoyed our time, since there are so many things to play and ride at such place. We were able to ride the rotating barrel, small roller coaster, banana plane, and played so much with rolling a small ball to shoot in the hoops that it made our arms ache. I played it so much that I was no longer able to throw the ball as far and as well as I used to, it was like lost my grip. I also liked playing the game where if I put in a token just in time a can would catch it and eventually pour the can full of token and the ticket would come out for the amount of penny that was dumped. That was rewarding, because I lost some token which I thought I will never get anything in return...LOL. Some people didn't understand how to play it-a Filipino guy tried it and gave up after putting in 1 token because he thought it didn't work and he even shook the panel where he inserted the token for the token to come out...LOL-that was funny, but he just didn't see his token go down the hole because it missed the can. I tried to tell him but he didn't want to bother. Anyway, I snapped a few pictures, but I forgot to empty our camera as I had taken pictures and also the battery went dead, so I was actually lucky enough that I got to take some pictures. By the way, on the pictures here, the girl in a white blouse is the celebrant, and the one in a dark flowered printed top is Tiana-our daughter. They had a ball today, riding and playing, eating, etc. Tiana rode the roller coaster many ties, though that was her first time to ride it...LOL. I never thought she could ride it without freaking out first. She amazed us, and it was nice to see her get used to it, so we can go ride again next time. Okay, that is all.

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