Strength in numbers

My sister Nora finally called me to say she is "sorry"...LOL. Well, that surprised me I tell you, as I had my husband in mind with calling me at such a time. So I had to ask who? Who is this? See, my husband went to the store and I gave him my phone to call home when he is on his way to pick us up so we can get ready to go shopping-that was yesterday by the way. Anyhow, my sister apologized for what she did wrong; blaming me, etc. It was because of our father that she said what she said, I don't really know what to say, but I just don't want any more trouble. So I can forgive and forget unless something comes up again. I just want to be able to live in peace and harmony where I am able to do what I desire to do in life and all that makes my life colorful. However, I always feel that in matters such as what happened to us, nobody is to blame. We only needed to cooperate and stand together in times of trouble, and not divided we fall but united to be strong and powerful against the odds. A problem can only be solved if people are united and support one another for a cause. I learn how important it is because it is like with the Americans having a slogan "Divided we fall, United we stand", America will fall if people are not banning/standing together supporting what is supposed to be done in order to have freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Cooperation is the key to making something work effectively. Everyone has to be in it, and I would say so, because it is a difficult life to go it alone. It is like safety is in numbers, that if you stand together you are powerful, you have strength.

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