Second Guessing by Johnny Lang

My husband is into blues, and since I am the kind of person that likes any music, I also like some songs he listens to whenever I can catch them-if I am paying attention. One of the blues music artists I like is Johnny Lang, and he has a number of songs that I really like, one of which I am sharing here with a nice tune to it. My husband's son came by one day and gave him a new CD of Johnny Lang's music, and I found one particular song that I like best, entitled "Second Guessing". I mostly like the beat, the keyboard sounds nice, and the guitar playing is excellent, what I mean is I like the way Johnny Lang played the guitar in such song. Anyway, I looked for it online through YouTube, and I can only find a video that was made by somebody who went on vacation. So I just grabbed it. It's too bad nobody uploaded the original video of that song. Now, the first song is what I like, so enjoy hearing it too, if you like upbeat music. I like blues, only not all blues music, just certain ones that are upbeat.

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