We all hope that there is God for our sake

That is what I am hoping that someday, time will come that everything will be revealed and answered by the facts that surround us, if not, then surely we can only hope that there is God. People who are interested in learning and figuring out how everything was made other than guessing, going by a book, and faith, would want to know and come to the bottom of everything, and maybe finally get the answer to the question that some of us question. Is there God? Who would not want to know that anyway? I would, and yes, I do hope there is God so those that had their lives stolen/taken away-cut short for selfish reasons by their fellow men-would at least have a chance, just maybe, as well as those who died so timelessly; young. It would otherwise be so sad to think that when we are dead, we are just dead period-back to the dust, and sorry, yeah, what a pity it would be for those that lost their lives so early before their time. That is why we want to hang on to what most people believe in that there is a superior being and that is what we call “God”. What I learned is that in our small world, people has different Gods; believes in different things and some are not even in human form such as like Jesus, but animals, spirits, and statues. So now what, who's who? You can't in any means discredit nor disrespect the others as each of us is equal; we can all see, feel, and think for ourselves. Can we actually just go by our speculations or guessing game? The question about God simply goes around the circle, because who created God then, where did he come from? If we come from somewhere being created, then who created him, and who created the creator, so on and so on? Who can answer the question like the "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" So it goes to show you that you can go around and around the circle without being able to know the answer. Everything has to have the beginning as we believe and that there should be no exception. Where did the spark come from, who did it? Anyway, everyone has different religious beliefs, and none of us can say their religion is wrong, because they can say the same thing about ours-throw it back to us, because what makes ours right, and who said it is? You can't possibly say you are right when they believe in the same thing you do; that they are right, too. It seems now from what I am learning as I have been watching the history channel, religions all started from like a cult. That is how it is coming across because somebody those days gathered their own followers and decided to call their group a certain name and that is what we call religion. That is why we know all the religions that exists all over the world except with the natives that are living so remotely for people to educate about religions, because they don't really have a so called religion-not that I know of, nor heard yet, but they believe in spirits and other beliefs-religiously. People believe because it makes them strong/er, sane, etc. but some may not have anything to believe in because they just want to live life like it is and enjoy life while it is lasting but hope that there is God-they are the agnostic or undecided ones. Okay, that is all I want to share for now, I am not an expert, and I am simply giving my 2 cents. Nothing should be taken literally or seriously especially when I am only ordinary and only basing things on the level of my comprehension-intellectual level, I guess we call it. I like to question things as I find it challenging and quite fascinating to figure things out-the outcome.

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