Painful cracking at the corner of my mouth

I am having a slight problem with what people call "Angular Stomatitis". Now that is the scientific name of what I am trying to tell you, that I have this painful cracking at the side or corner of my mouth. It has been painful for me because the crack would bleed, so I can barely open my mouth without feeling the pain. And sometimes not even wide enough to be able to take a big bite, or eat. Also, I can't laugh or yawn with my mouth wide open, so I try to yawn like I am whistling instead...LOL. It's funny but it's awful really. It irritates me that I developed this kind of problem, it happened to me following Tiana when she had it some time ago, so I guess it is contagious. I actually read about it being contagious according to those who had it before, but then it is more like a fear factor for them-just out of fear that maybe it is contagious, and not proven that it is. I also found out online that we must have an iron deficiency, or it must have been caused by dryness or opening our mouths too wide. Also another deficiency could be the B2 (riboflavin), because I read it manifest the same symptoms. I looked it up online to see if I can find homeopathic remedy, but I just found a blog that has some links. However, it is helpful enough, so I will see what I can find out. Anyway, it's late; I need to get going, because I just got home from shopping. I had my husband and children leave me at the store, because our 17 month old baby just couldn't behave. So they came to pick me up when I was done, I called home but my husband left already and was on his way to pick me up. He just guessed it that I was finished with my shopping...LOL. And, of course, every Friday we buy out-food that is, we just grabbed a Chinese food take-out and came straight home, ate while watching a movie: Bruce Almighty. We had fun!
As for the cracking at the corner of my mouth, well, I read someone saying "she ate avocados to relieve the symptoms", it must work as a moisturizer. I might do the same to prevent future lip chapping and cracking, because, my, it is painful, and it bleeds which hurts even more...ouch! Okay, this is all; I will be calling it a night. Have a nice weekend!!!

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