I simply can't save any money because I am spendthrift

The bad thing about me is that I can't seem to save any money because I am spendthrift. I spend money as quick as I make it. So, that is what happens with me, but if I have a goal that I want to reach so bad though, I try hard to save money. I was actually just thinking about saving money some time ago while laying in bed, that if I save, how will I be able to live life to the fullest everyday? See, all I have done so far is, live one day at a time-I believe that is best for me, enjoy life while and when I can, as well as accept what life dishes out to me. I can only play the card I've been dealt with, be contented because then I am happy. You are only happy really if you are contented. However, for those people living in the third world countries where everyday is a struggle, being contented is not easy. They struggle and strive to do better and have better things like everybody else's wish in this world. Oops...I almost lost myself there, as I am supposed to be talking about saving money. Well, I only save money if I have to, which is if I have a goal to accomplish.
As for my future, I am all set...LOL, as far as I am concerned that is. I am working and paying tax which means someday I get something in return, I don't wish to be rich since I know I won't be unless I win a lottery, or save every dime I make, but then what would my life be while I am saving, will I actually live long enough in this dangerous world to be able to enjoy my money? Sure, I have children for that matter, but then I sacrificed myself so much that it would be like I didn't have a life. Saving money for my children is one thing, but saving money for my future is another. The future takes care of itself, I can’t live in the past-because the past is history-nor for the future-because the future may never come, that is why present is called a gift, and today is, it, given to me to enjoy. I just want to be able to enjoy life as it is, and I don't want to have t worry about the future or anything else, that is all. Okay, I am simply sharing my thoughts.

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