The weather is unexpectedly nice today

We were out today, getting some sun, shopping and running around. We went to the mall looking around. We also had ice cream on our way home; I always like a pineapple sundae when it is hot. My husband does, too, while Tiana loves chocolate ice cream. So anyway, the weather is exceptionally warm, in fact, my husband was just telling me to step outside and enjoy it because it is really nice out there; nice and warm. So I might after dinner, and get some fresh air, then head to bed. We are all tired from running around. I will have to call it a night soon. My face is really deteriorating because I have been staying up too late. I am getting old fast, and when I can't sleep, it is because I drink cappuccino. I over do it, and I just realized it, because I forgot to read the direction...LOL. Silly me, really, I didn't bother reading the direction. I will have to be more careful with what I do, so I can keep going with all that I do being an able-bodied individual, I don't want to be sick. I hate being sick. So, in order to live longer and happier I need to get my act straight, eat right and exercise regularly. Okay, nighty, night!

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