Cute snow boots on clearance

Guest post written by Sherri Burton

My old faux fur lined snow boots that I've worn for years finally gave out right before Christmas when i was playing with my kids in the snow. I tripped and somehow ripped them, although I'm still not exactly sure how it happened. So on the day after Christmas, I set out on an internet mission to find a pair to replace them.

I kind of wanted some that were exactly like my old ones, but I also wasn't completely again finding some other kind of good snow boots. I did a whole bunch of searching online with my 4G internet and found some snow boots that were actually a little different.

They were these waterproof black quilted material and were lined with fleece on the inside. I thought that would be just as warm but probably a little easier to clean. I've already used them since I got them when it snowed and they were perfect for what I wanted. Plus they seem pretty sturdy so they should last me for a while.

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