I will start school soon...wooh!

It has been some time that I have not updated "me blog heh" and I apologize to those of you who became my frequent visitors. Now as for what is new with me. Well, I am working now and I like my job. Life is so much better if you have a job indeed. It is simply non-stop shopping for me...aha-ha! I am just mostly kidding, ok? Let's not get carried away there...LOL. I do love shopping, of course, and I must admit our house is so crowded with clothes, shoes, wallets, and purses (not to mention I do collect designer stuff). I keep some of the ones I really adore for my own use and I think I will sell the rest. Hmmm...I should start very soon. I can show them on my shopping blog. This blog is sorta for my personal life and blurbing...LOL. Ok let me get to the point here. I have been busy working and would you guess it? I will start school soon! Yep, this Fall. Finally it seems my goals are happening slowly but hopefully surely. Yep, first off I am a working citizen now and that is aside from being a mother, too. Wooh! I am joggling it all and enjoying life at the same time really. Working and meeting other people is fun for me. Wish me more luck!

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