One of my most embarassing moments video

I am just sharing one of my most embarrassing moments. Now, one of which I consider to be the most embarrassing, was when I attended a high school acquaintance party, nicely dressed and wearing a 2 inch high hill shoes. Well, what happened was that, when I arrived at the party and walked in the room, the hill of my shoe came off. It was so unexpected that I almost fell when it happened, and, of course, people just laughed at me. It was funny for them but quite embarrassing for me. I was limping, but fortunately my teacher asked the boys to help me, fix my shoe, and it lasted for a while without having me go barefoot. I just hope it won't happen again when I am in public. Anyway, part of this "coming out your shell moment" is prompted by a website about Gulf oysters being that they can be dangerous if eaten raw because they contain some deadly bacteria. The site is all about discovering the hidden danger that those yummy oysters possess when consumed undercooked or raw. So, when people decide to consume them, they should be cooked well. Moreover, people with certain illnesses should consult a health professional before eating raw oysters-it's better to be safe than sorry, you know. Oysters are sensational for those who can eat them raw-not to forget with lemons, because I tried them, and I would like to try them again. But for those who have not eaten them raw yet, please be aware that you could get sick. Now there you go, be oyster aware!

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