Threatening my life for money

What a joke, someone actually sent me an e-mail threatening to kill me because someone I consider a friend came to him in an intention to have me dead. I will be killed if I don't comply, that means give money. What a scam that is, and I guess some people have been victimized by it. Anyway, I am not afraid...LOL. Who could it be anyway, and why would someone close to me do such a thing; hire someone to kill me? That is going beyond, and yes, crazy! Now, that is simply a joke as far as I am concerned. I receive e-mails about business transactions all the time, etc, that I won thousands of dollars through an international lottery random drawing, and some are because somebody died in Africa leaving me with millions of dollars. Yeah, I will fall for that alright. In order for me to get my inheritance-get the money, I have to disclose my personal information like my bank account number, name, and address. Boy, there are so many scam artists these days, and people mostly in Africa are the ones doing it. That must be how they get some money flowing in. It's awful, and to think that sending someone a threatening e-mail is considered a felony. That is going to the extreme with scamming people for money because then they will get in trouble legally. As for my situation, I don't see it as dangerous since such type of scam is quite common. This is just my first time to receive something such life threatening e-mail though...LOL.

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