High ranking university for Co-op programs

I know that schools have different education levels of advancement, because for one I found it out when I went to a couple of different schools. There is a great deal of difference, for the other school was more advance. I went to a school in our village where it is much easier and way behind, but when I went to a private school in the city, I found out the difference. It is just the opposite there where everything is advance. It's too bad I was only able to go to school there for several months, and you know when I came back to our village I was going over the lessons I already learned from the other school, so that made me realize how behind the school is in our village compare to the schools in the city. Well, anyway, talking about school and education, I found a very high rated school, and it is the Kettering University for Co-op programs that are quite unique because students in their freshman year are placed in companies and rotate them between school and their co-op job alternating every 3 months to gain practical experience from the beginning of their Kettering education. Students should see about getting a skill in engineering co-op programs I looked at sound really good to me because I would like to get a skill in the engineering field as my husband can also teach me with what he knows-he is a Design Engineer. If I have the money, I would want to look into getting one of those programs because I get to be trained and able to experience what it is like when I am really out there working. I like such idea, it will, definitely get the students excited because they can look forward to what is ahead.

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