I am giving up my blogs on free domains

I no longer have the time to be able to keep my blogs on free domains, so I decided to leave them inactive. My life is hectic, but that is not really the reason why I didn't update my journal anymore, but because I find it a hassle to have to log on to bravenet just so I can blog at my journal. I like to have everything in one place where I can find them easily and not scamper all over the place all the time. As for how my family and I have been doing, we are in and out often because you know it is warm now. I shopped till I dropped, of course, while we were out, but I decided that I bought enough stuff to last us for a while, so I made it a point that I will stay home from now on so I won't have to spend any more money. I think I have everything I need now, actually more I can need. So there will be no need for me to keep spending money. I am broke, but then again since I have a job online, the word broke is not appropriate just yet to say. I guess at the moment anyway. Okay, until here for now, it's getting late.

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