The reasons why Nora and I are not in good terms

I can't be too public about my personal feelings and problems. Yes, things that I should just keep in private. Sure, we all go through problems in life, and sometimes feel like we have to get it out of our chest just so we won't feel so bad, but we can only do so to a certain extent and in a manner where nobody will get hurt nor be humiliated in public. There are things better left unsaid and kept to ourselves as like people believe it. However, since we are only human, there are times that we crack; make a mistake with being too revealing because we get carried away with our emotions. That is what happened to me anyway. Now, as for what I said that my sister Nora and I are not in good terms, well, it is due to things that happened some time ago back home mainly with our father-when he got really drunk one day and checked himself in at the hospital. We have had some disagreements that resulted to us not talking to each other anymore. I know we are sisters, but I feel that she stepped out of line, so I no longer want to associate with her. It is a complicated situation to have people point fingers at you for something you had and still have no control over then get blamed for everything. I am the bad guy just because I said to my father "I don't see anything wrong with having a little fun drinking as long as it is for enjoyment and that you can control yourself to just drink in moderation." I drink on occasion you know, and so I believe that, "why not enjoy ourselves with things we like while we are here. What would be the point of being alive if you feel like you are in captivity and live in misery?" That is what heated up the whole thing. I got blamed for everything in which I resent, of course. It is basically how my life is in general just to be honest. I can't seem to get along with all the girls in my immediate family, just with the boys. I can't get through to them...LOL. I think they are critical, and I detest such way of thinking. Okay, that is all for now. I narrowed it down, though it came a little too late. I don't think ahead very often. I guess that is how I operate...LOL.
Bottom line: my father is responsible for his own actions, and the rest of my family members should realize that. So, why look at me?
Okay, it is somewhat personal but at least it is not in so much detail...LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ana, musta ka na? I'm doing my rounds.

I grow up na palainom akong father. He was a heavy drinker jud. I hated it ug hangtod ron when I hear he's still drinking; I get so upset. But you know what, I may not fully understand ngano mag sige sya ug inom. Siguro pawala ug kasakit ug kamingaw saon akong Mama kay wala man sa pinas ug heartbroken tingali akong papa. I told myself that he's an adult naman and if something happen to him because of his vices; he will likely realized that he is killing himself kay pala inom kaayo cya.

Give it time Ana. Your father is not a kid pero he should know better na kung palainom ka- you'll pay for it in the end. You are in the tough situation but I hope and pray na maging OK namo sa imuhang sister. :)

Ayo ayo diha!

Have a good one,


Ana P. S. said...

Thanks for your comment and time, An. I see imong papa is the same ha, bitaw medyo ginagamit ra ang excuse na ang ingon ana tungod sa mga problema, pero there is really no excuse pag over drinking na because it is killing yourself na eh. My father knows better and he should take responsibility of his own actions. I hate to be in such situation where everybody is pointing finger at me and blame me for everything, that is why I constantly have to defend myself and reason with them. I don't know why the rest can't seem to understand na our father will do whatever he wants. Nakakainis talaga. Anyway, thank you for your kind comment here.

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