A web designer's blog that has lots of helpful information

I would like to be a web-designer someday, but having visited a blog about it makes me think twice, because there are so many things involved. See in order to be good at it being a pro, you have to know which tools to use, and differentiate the domains including the programming; hosts, etc. Someone has to know all the ins and outs, what proper keywords to use and how to get a website out in the major search engines in means of having it optimized for marketing-if it is a commercial website. Learning the meanings of the different domain extensions was neat. I also learned a little about Gmail being convenient to use because it offers someone a huge storage, I like that and I am glad to learn about it because I am interested. My brother in law also purchased a domain through Google apps, but when I tried to help him since I know a little about domain and DNS editing, I still didn't get to make his website work. I was not able to do a thing. So perhaps I can refer him to a web designer's blog where I found all those helpful and useful information about the things that people who are thinking about starting a website should know firsthand. I am learning so many things about the web, how things work and all that from such blog. I will definitely be coming by there again to find out more about web designing and other things I am into online. The author knows a lot about search engine optimization, web directories, different tools/softwares, CSS, website templates and many other things we all find difficult online.

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