We are having a late dinner tonight

We are having late dinner tonight since my husband wasn't able to cook up some hamburgers. He wanted to cook for dinner but when he picked up the phone, and well, that was the end of our hamburger dinner. So we had to find something else to eat and fortunately we found a box of chicken. We didn't realized we just had chicken last night, we ordered fast-food; KFC chicken, and well, tonight we are having chicken again. A box of pre-cooked fried chicken, but you know, a good thing it is yummy...LOL. We would have given it a second thought if it is not sensational. Anyway, I might share the brand, and what kind of chicken I am talking about here, so other might discover it to be good to eat, too. It is delicious to me, and I would not get tired eating it, yep, I like having it with a bake potato that has butter and sour cream on top...ummm...ummm...good! Some people even sprinkle chopped green onions, crumbled cheese, etc, on! Okay this is all for now, I will be calling it a night soon. Kind regards to all, have a nice weekend!!!

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