We went to Tiana's school for nothing

I told my husband to ask Tiana's teacher's aide if Tiana and hers peers will be performing this afternoon, but my husband didn't bother because the aid is new, etc. Well, that turned out to be his downfall because he drove us to Tiana's school for nothing. When we came in we saw Tiana's teacher, and she told us that her class is not performing. That really disappointed us driving all the way there, only to find out that our daughter is not included. We called before coming over there, but it didn't help because the lady said yes the kids will be performing but that is except Tiana's class. So that is where we went today rushing for nothing, but a good thing we were able to sign Tiana out of school and came home with us without having to drive back there to pick her up. That is the positive thing. Now, hopefully my husband learned his lesson. He will for sure take time to ask someone, especially the teacher. Anyway, I am in hurry now because I have a lot to do in the house; clean and cook dinner, we are expecting a family member to join us for dinner.

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