A wonderful life and succeeding dream cut short

One of the movies I can watch over and over is Selena because of how touching the story is and so interesting that I just never get tired watching it. It is a movie made about the life of a young and beautiful Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez whose wonderful life was suddenly cut short. How sad that her life ended so soon, if she only knew never to trust even those who appeared trustworthy. Oh, what a waste, because she was just making it to the top. So young, so beautiful, and had it all. She was married to her guitarist Chris Perez, from friends to lovers; they started out as friends and took it to the next level-became husband and wife. I am glad that Selena followed her heart and married the man she loved. I certainly couldn't wonder why because he is adorable-yep, just see below. That is why she fought for him, married him against her parents' will-I would have done the same. She fell in love. She and her husband were the couple that had it all, both so in love with each other, and then in only a few short years it all came to an end.
The person that Selena trusted with everything she had betrayed her; stole her money, and worse of all, life. That I think is very sad, she was so kind and approachable that it made her vulnerable in which in the process is what led to her sudden death. The woman that supposedly was her number one fan (Yolanda Saldivar) is the one that selfishly took her life-she shot Selena twice in the back, and due to rapid blood loss Selena died soon after. It shocked everybody that adored her, and now she is forever immortal in their hearts and minds through her music. My husband and I remembers her so much through the couple of her English version songs she recorded just before she died entitled "I could fall in love" and "Dreaming of You". Anyway, it touches my heart every time I see the Selena movie made about her life story. She had everything going for her, everything she could ever wish for; a successful career; being a music artist, wonderful family, and a loving husband. She was blessed with so many good things, and had a marriage full of love. How sad that she is no longer around to share life with him and lived long enough to have children with him. What a sad love story they had, because it ended so soon, Selena died just a couple of days before their 3rd wedding anniversary.
I bet the woman that murdered her must have been thinking that since you fired me, and I will no longer have access to your money especially when you are breaking through in the crossover record deal, I might as well kill you. It is like if I can't have your money, nobody will. That is basically what happened I would say, what else could have been her motive? People said she was jealous of Selena, but the woman wanted her money and when things didn’t go as well as she had hoped, she killed Selena. Poor Selena had to lose her life over someone’s greediness and selfishness. The woman later changed her story by saying it was all an accident, but how could it be when she attempted to shoot Selena twice in the back, and when Selena ran for help, it made her lose so much blood that by the time she arrived at the lobby hotel she collapsed. Her perpetrator attempted to shoot twice, and called it accident. Boy, talk about twisted, you can't carry a gun in an attention to have a meeting with somebody and then expect your gun to just go off as an accident. What was that, a joke? I heard Selena's killer will be eligible for parole; it is amazing that she is eligible for committing such intentional crime-purely premeditated. She planned it ahead of time, which was why she purchased a gun, why would she do that otherwise, she couldn't possibly have done so, to protect herself from Selena...silly. Anyway, I feel bad for the people she left behind; her family will forever mourn her death, her husband will forever be in grief till the end of time; struggle with moving on. He said it all in his song on the video below-wow, he can sing, too.

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