There is no excuse for ignorance in court

I was just visiting a blog the other day and read something that reminded me of plagiarism with web-contents. It is illegal to copy someone’s else’s work online nor copy and paste their work onto your blog/site without written permission or giving credits where credit is due. You simply can’t have something on your blog and make people think it is yours or you did it when you didn’t, because that is otherwise called “Plagiarism”. Yes, you will then get in trouble; someone could take it too seriously and sue you for millions of dollars. Now we all can’t afford that can we? So, peeps, be informed and avoid copying someone else’s writing or copying someone else’s work or idea online. That is a reminder to all of us who wills and deals online. Nothing is free, not even our freedom. So there you go, you simply can’t take anything for granted. Alright, till here for now. I will try to be more careful with my online activities from now on, though I already know about this issue years ago when I built my websites and started blogging back in 2004. It is better to be safe than sorry, you know. Ignorance can cause you; big time moneywise and jail time, and being too trusting will definitely have you dead. My uncle was murdered for trusting people he shouldn’t have trusted. So that goes to show you, that you can never trust anyone, even a good dog can go bad, and that so can a seemingly good person-human.

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