I thought somebody stole my money

I went to check my bank account online as I had deposited some money the other day, and when I saw my statement, my eyes opened wide. Oh, I was shocked to see that the amount of my money I had there, decreased. Whoa! That was awful as I thought, goodness, somebody got a hold of my bank account number and had purchase something that cost me $29.00 dollars-could be more. And then it looked to me like it was for sexual dysfunction...LOL. But no, it wasn't because when we called the company that provided such product and found out that it was software. It was photo recovery software that I don't remember purchasing online. Anyway, it is quite scary to think that someone can charge something against your bank account. Ahohoh...I was going to call my bank and had my account closed or change my bank account the number. A good thing that it was just a simple mistake I made. I am certainly very glad that it was not something serious.

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