I need to go back to grade school

I took the 8th grade different tests challenge and miserably failed at all that I took with only a few answers being correct. My goodness, I am way behind. I need to go back to grade school. I can only imagine all the others in my country being way behind educationally. It amazes me how advance the schools here in America. And from what I heard, Korea is the most advance when it comes to education, and Japan in being the most advance in technology. Almost everything in Japan is robotic now when talking about gadgets and appliances. Anyway, I would want to go to school to learn a few things and get a skill. Maybe someday I will when the right time comes, and if ever it such a time comes. I think it is only a matter of having the time and money especially. I like going to school it is fun, though there are times that I get bored, but over all, it is refreshing from my ordinary life. By the way, I learned some things I never really knew before, and they are below...
...I thought that the least populated US state is Alaska since it is very cold over there, but it turned out that it is the Wyoming state, and I guess because it has a vast of empty lands like deserts and farms. The official language of the people in Switzerland doesn't involve Spanish. The country that is not a member of the European Union is Norway. The capital of Australia is Canberra and not Sydney like I thought or Melbourne. I thought all along Brazilians speak Spanish, but no, they speak a few other languages except Spanish.
The longest river I found out is not the Nile but the Amazon. And, of course, I heard about China being the most populated country. The longest mountain range in the world is Andes and not any other mountain, wow! There is another largest island in the world and that is Greenland-the first one is Australia. I know about Uruguay being located in the South America. So that is it, I learned a few things from taking blog quizzes. I can't even pass the 8th grade; I surely have a lot to learn...LOL.

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