Brother Louie by Modern Talking

I was looking for a good video of my hometown a while ago, but didn't really find any worth watching because all I saw was people goofing around. I wish I can see how Bayawan and Kalumboyan have changed. If I ever get to visit my homeland, I will take my time with taking a video of my homeland, so each time I miss it there, I can just watch the video. I actually did record a little bit of my hometown including our farm, and I am glad I did, because I can look back at how it used to look. Now, my people told me that it has changed so much with roads being built in all over the place. Anyway, while I was searching for a good video, I came across a video that featured one of the 80's music that I used to hear often at home, happened to like it. So, here, let me leave you the music of the 80's that is upbeat entitled "Brother Louie" by the Modern Talking band. It makes people dance, and I can only imagine how much fun people had those days dancing on such an upbeat song. So, I was just reminded of that song when I heard it on a video today. By the way, the strange thing we noticed when we saw it on the video for the first time is that the singer looks like a woman and sounds like a woman, but it is a man that only has a more feminine voice. Vocally he sounds more like a woman singing...LOL, also wearing lipstick...yaw! Maybe he is gay...LOL, or just appear like one.

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