True PageRank explained by a fine web designer

I am talking about someone who is very familiar with web-designing. Yes, I would say so really because I am a web-designer in learning. There are a few things I know about web-designing and tools like programs or software. I self-taught myself with building my websites years back, but now I am out of touch. By the way, if you frequently visit my blog, you already know that for months I have complained about how Google must have penalized my blog here because for only a month it had a page rank of 4. I was actually ready to give up, thinking about getting rid of it and get a new blog, but to my surprised a few months later my page rank came back, only down to a page rank of 2. However, I am still thankful because at least I have a page rank. Now you know, I learned a little about how page rank works, because I visited a blog by somebody who seems to know a lot more than I do-that is for sure- explaining why our page rank goes down or even disappear. I also found out some things I didn't know before, like what is a true pagerank, etc, all explained at such blog. The Google toolbar is recommended to use because it will automatically tell us if a site/blog we are visiting has a page rank. I already have the Google toolbar where I can see a green bar when I visit a blog that has a page rank, only it never occurred to me to mouse over the bar and see the calculated page rank-if it did when I downloaded it a long time ago, then I simply forgot as I can be forgetful. Okay, if you want to learn more about why you lost, or don't have a page rank all this time, you might want to find out why at the blog I visited that is full of information to fill you in.

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