We laugh so hard that it hurts

We always like to see the show "Just for Laughs" whenever we can on the Canadian channel; CBC. We have one channel coming live from Canada. I think that is interesting because we get to see what it's like in Canada, too, since my husband's heritage is part Canadian. What I mean is that, his father was a Canadian from Canada. He is a mixed of different ethnic people because I can remember him telling me that his grandfather was Scottish, grandmother was German, by all means his mother was a combination of Scottish and German whose family migrated to America. America is surely a home of people from all over the world, except the Native American Indians who supposedly inhabit America before anyone else, but then they, too, I heard was part Mexicans and I think Spaniards. Anyway, it is fascinating how people come together and unite as one. I like it. As for the show by the way, we would like to own copies of those "Just for Laughs" videos. They make us laugh so hard, yes, we laugh so hard that it hurts...LOL.

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