We need to buy a video camera soon

We will need to buy a video camera soon due to that our old video camera is no longer working like it should. It is a Sony video camera that we bought 7 years ago, only not it is finally going kaput. We try hard to use it again but it is just not cooperating. It bothers me because we paid good money for it. We paid almost $500.00 USD for it, and hardly used it but not it is gone. What a waste. I guess we didn't use it enough time that is why it got screwed up. It wouldn't work, it gives us errors, and I think the fact that we had it setting too long not being used literally destroyed it. Now we have to work on finding a quality video, so we can capture the special moments in life. Our baby girl Hannah is growing so fast and we can't just let it go not taking videos of her. We did that with Tiana, so we have quite a lot of video montage of Tiana's baby years. Now we need to do the same with Hannah, so neither one of them will be asking any question why and why this and that wasn't done when I was a baby. We would otherwise deal with the unfairness issue someday. Anyway, I am supposed to be preparing our dinner tonight, so let me go for now. I need to throw a few steaks on the grill and grill some asparagus as well to go with the steaks. Steaks are great eaten with asparagus, you know. My husband prefers a baked potato with his piece of steak with a little rice on the side while Tiana, Hannah, and I have rice with our steaks. It is always with rice with us, I like course rice with steaks really if I am eating out. Okay, this is all, see yah!

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