Watching skeletal stories

It amazes me how a human being is so capable of heinous acts like what I saw on a television program about skeletal stories-Health Channel. I feel really bad for people whose lives were taken selfishly. It is hard to believe that a human being can brutally kill another. Our world is sad and unfair because of such fact. See, I was just watching a show where a young man took his girlfriend's life over a card game, because he accused her of cheating. Now that is bad when someone can literally take your life over that. Talk about uncontrollable temper. That is scary and quite asinine. The man killed a woman he had a child with. The baby was only 18 months old, a girl. What a pity, then a year later, the father-the murderer finally got caught and sentence to life, actually only 10-15 years. That is nothing really, not enough to pay for such heinous crime he committed according to a lot of people who knows about it because punishment should always fit the crime.

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