UFO sightings even before modern men existed

My husband watches educational channels all the time, and since I am always near, I get to hear everything and take a peek whenever the story gets interesting. Anyway, the other day he was watching a program about UFO sightings even before modern men existed on the History Channel, and I thought, wow, it's amazing! UFOs-Unidentified flying objects have been making quite a rocket on earth. What I mean is that people are up and arms about seeing objects in the sky that really makes them wonder if there are other beings other than us; humans. Could there be other beings that are much more intelligent than humans? Rumor has it that perhaps all this technology that we have today was contributed by the aliens...LOL, that they helped with providing us the information to be able to create or build things, because not long ago, nothing like we see now existed. It amazes people how modern everything is now. Imagine not even 100 years ago, everybody hardly had any idea how to build or make things like the television, etc. The televisions those days came in a box that was so heavy and big and the pictures all in black and white only. Now as we can all see, everything is complicated, especially the computer, software, etc. It's hard to believe that we have the abilities to make things happen and create things that not too many of us find possible. However, it does take brilliant minds to get everything come together like we have it now. A man can even produce a dinosaur now…LOL, I heard it on the news some time ago. We could create our own monsters-that will be the day. We’ll all be eaten. Anyway, humans have come a long way for sure. As for the UFOs, people are asking if they really do exist. A lot of people claim they do, because they saw unidentified flying objects in the sky. Could it be that they were just hallucinating? But how come those objects were even hand drawn by the early men? Meaning, people that existed before everything came so refined like us modern men. Those days, people were so much bigger and way smaller-the prehistoric. I am just amazed at how humans have improved from simplicities to complexities-I'd say. It is complex if you are especially someone who is not exposed to the modern technology. Okay, this is enough of my sharing what I see on TV all the time. I just thought it is fascinating and interesting that people discover and figure things out about what happened in the past to also be able to tell the future. We are here today to discover, figure things out, and learn about our past, and yep, as well as what the future holds.

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