Sibling rivalry can be dangerous

Sibling rivalry can be dangerous if children are left unsupervised. I can still remember how my siblings and I used to fight, hit each other, etc. The bad thing is, the stronger and bigger one wins-yep, especially the boys as they can punch! Having my children, I am seeing the same situation. They play together then the next thing I know they are fighting over a toy and hurt each other. I would hear Hannah or Tiana crying. Hannah likes to take Tiana's toys and when Tiana doesn't give up her toys, Hannah would cry. So, that leaves Tiana no choice and being older, she is the one that has to always give in, as for now anyway since our little one doesn't understand how things work just yet. When Tiana goes to sit on daddy's lap, her baby sister has to come up to daddy too, and sit on his lap. Boy, both of them are always fighting for attention and affection. Anyway, as for my siblings, we have arguments and disagreements, bad ones that as a matter of fact; we recently had a falling out due to some family issue we had to deal with. Now my siblings and I are no longer as close as we used to be. In fact, Nora and I are currently not in good terms at all. I might follow up on that later.

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