It pays to shop around, compare, and find the best ISP provider

We have tried different ISP providers and finally we are using a broadband connection, we got it as a package that combines our phone, cable, and internet. We have an all in one service which is convenient enough and according to my husband it is a lot cheaper. Anyway, talking about ISP providers, I visited a site that has a complete guide about choosing an Internet Service Provider, with comparisons of all DSL Internet Service Providers so people can find the best deal that tailors to their budget. Also some tips about how to Speed Up a Slow Computer which I think is helpful because our computer gets really slow at times-just when we need it to work faster. I will have to work on how to get rid of the unnecessary files we have in our computer and follow the tips at the site so we can browse the net much faster than before. It is quite annoying to have to sit and wait for a page to load, and with our computer it takes at least 5-10 minutes. It bothers us because we are supposed to be using a broadband connection now, so then having a slow loading computer makes us wonder if our broadband connection really does work like it should. I was actually thinking about convincing my husband to switch provider, find another broadband ISP provider. I am glad the site has the best broadband special offers from AT&T Yahoo, Verizon and Qwest that we can look in to in case we decide to switch ISP provider.

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