I need a new carseat for our toddler

We are going to go out later and find a carseat for our baby girl, and some summer clothes. I shopped before but I only was able to buy some clothes for our eldest daughter and me. Now, I am hoping I can get some reasonable summer clothes for our little one, even if I have to shop at the second hand stores or flea market just so I can save money. I like to go shopping all the time, so I try to spend little by little only to save money so I can shop more often, to get out of the house, and be outside for a while since the weather is quite nice and warm now. Anyway, I will be getting ready soon. I am getting tired typing away here as my fingers are getting sore especially when I type using only a few fingers and not all. I haven't learned how to type fast yet. I wish I can so it won't be so time consuming for me to spend my time online.

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