I need my page rank to stick around

I am hoping that my page rank will stick around a little longer this time, because the last time it only stayed for a month. That was shocking when I woke up one day and found out that I am back to square one again. It drives people crazy for sure, so for the most part it is good to take advantage while the page rank is lasting...LOL. As or my frequency of posts, well, I have been taking my sweet time lately which caused me to lose money. I was just wondering why I couldn't submit my post but then it was because my last post the other night was counted for the following day...LOL. I didn't know that because I thought all along I am good up until midnight my time, but no, not after all-I have got to figure out how it exactly works. So yep, I found out the hard way, and well, I guess it is typical for me who always has to learn the hard way. That is what happens with a late night blogger like me...LOL. By the way, I finally solved the problem that really annoyed me for a while with having a word automatically highlighting and gets deleted when I type a letter. I figured it out. It was our mouse going bad, so I got rid of it now. I used a different mouse that I bought at Big Lots some time ago, and not the original remote for my new computer, so that is why we were having trouble. Now everything is back to normal as I re-attached the original mouse and keyboard to my new computer. We don't care for neither the mouse or keyboard though, so I will be looking into buying new ones that are of the same brand-made for my computer. Okay, till here for now. It is morning, time for my beauty rest...LOL.

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